Trojan Cars Reveal Exciting Plans For Expansion

BASED in Portsmouth, Trojan Cars has grown impressively since its establishment, and although owner Mark Battye has expressed immense pride at its success, he has no intention of remaining content.

Mark BattyeIn an exclusive interview with Car Supermarket News, Battye revealed that Trojan Cars is currently in the process of trying to acquire new premises in order to expand the business.

“We’re just in the process of getting some new premises to expand a little bit. If it does happen, it’s mainly going to be classic bike orientated,” said Battye.

A real treat for admirers of classic vehicles, the family-run business specialises in British and American cars, motorcycles and scooters from the 50s and 60s.

Battye has worked in the motor industry for 35 years after previously working in clothes retail. Before starting Trojan, he had various other dealerships from which he traded, but he then decided to try getting back into retailing as this was where his true passion lay.

Trojan Cars started off as a relatively modest business, and the company now has around 250 vehicles and a restoration shop. Battye declared that his proudest accomplishment in the industry has been:“Building it (Trojan Cars) from very small beginnings around eight years ago, to what it is now,” and :“Buying and selling big amounts of stock on a very limited budget.”

According to the Trojan Cars owner, the key ingredient to their success is largely a result of the diversity offered by the dealership:“We do everything from ‘cheapies’, cars for a couple of hundred quid, to our dearer cars at eighty grand,” he said.

Battye added that his business is different to a lot of other car dealerships, describing it as ‘quirky, friendly and honest.’ Due to these traits, Trojan Cars receives a high number of repeat customers, which the owner attributed to the firm’s family values: “We’re family orientated as well which makes us a little bit different to your average dealer.”

If Trojan’s success story continues in the same manner as it has so far, it is testament to Battye’s passion for his business, quality customer service and a dogged determination to succeed. Trojan Cars are certainly a little bit different to your average dealer and are definitely a name to look out for in the months and years to come.


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