Car Supermarket News is the UK’s primary source of the latest stories in the automotive industry surrounding the country’s largest dealerships.

When we ascertained that there was no other website around covering all aspects of Car Supermarket news stories, we thought that was a crying shame and just had to do something to address the obvious gap in the market.

We strive to provide the most up to date news in the industry and have a genuine desire to promote the great work that Car Supermarkets across the land are doing.

Renowned for providing an array of choice for consumers and a selection of vehicles from the majority of leading manufacturers, Car Supermarkets are normally priced lower than in smaller dealerships and base their sales strategy on economies of scale and the sheer volume of sales generated.

Also known as multi-make car dealers, auto superstores or car hypermarkets, these large motor car retail outlets usually sell a mixture of used and new cars from numerous brands, particularly new to three year old mass market and ex-fleet vehicles.

Whilst most Car Supermarkets operate a no haggle policy, Car Supermarket News is always open to offers surrounding how we can work with and help to improve the undisputed giants of the UK automotive industry.

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